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Qing Ming Festival

Qing Ming Festival is a day of remembrance for Chinese people toward their late relatives and late parents/grandparents in particular. More info can be found at Wikiepedia under Qing Ming Festival. Actually these years Qing Ming festival falls on Tuesday, 5th of April 2011. However, my family doesn not fancy about the date but more like a weekend person, so we just stick with our weekend tradition!

First stop was in Nirvana
Uncle Kelvin perparing the tribute for grandma.

Guess what he specially prepared?
It's the Black Label yo!
I didn't even have chance to drink and we are serving to the dead 0.O'''

A view from my grandma tomb

So tidy! I really have to give a big applause to Nirvana management.
(note: the management fees is also very expensive oh T.T)

This is my gandpa tomb in Puchong.
Since my grandpa diseased quite some time ago before Nirvana was establish, he was left at the place he work most of the time i.e. Puchong.

Daddy cleaning the tomb.

These was all I see. After that, I realise I was very sick and was not able to follow them, I stayed in the car for the next 2 tomb.

Bonus photo:
Ah ne: Aiyoyo taukeh! Not like that lah. You can't burn the incense in a big bunch, hard to light up!
Chinese uncle: Shut up thambi! I burn incense more than you burn rice. Go play far far~~ shooo shooo~

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