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Ysquare Photoblog 11: 1st Day of intern Get Company Laptop Already + I Have Found Out Whats The Mysterious Sign!

Slightly late blog post update today because it was my first day intern.

Sorry that I was not available to update my blog accordingly because after I finish my final, I spend most of my time travel around (note: not on vacation).

I travel from Melaka(where I study) to K.L (my home town) then to Penang( place to overnight) and finally Kulim (where I blogging now + my intern place).

1st day in the company was cool. Quite fun, not like what I did when I had my 1st day in Public Bank, which I have nothing to do. I was already introduce to the company, the system, the places(plant), ppl and future assignment.
Of all the things, the least expected was that I assigned a laptop on the 1st day of intern!

Lenovo ThinkPad T400 and Dell Latitude E5400
Don't you scared I run away with you Lenovo ThinkPad T400? LOL

Lenovo ThinkPad T400 and Dell Latitude E5400
Now, the Lenovo ThinkPad T400 is my left open with ppt about work, Dell Latitude E5400(Lappy) on my right with my social network and report book on my lap.
LOL, isn't it laptop should stay on the lap and book on the table?

Since I name my personal laptop as Lappy already, should I call my company laptop Lappo?

Anyway, will update my work experience in my company if it doesn't violate it's P&C statement.

At the mean time, remember the mysterious sign that I show in my previous post? I even use Google goggle to search it -___-


Silly me, it is actually the symbol of KOLONY, an sms-based social network that connects you to your friends!

By a few simple keywords, such as DING, BOMM, FREN, POPP etc to know new friend, stay connect with them or even comment their status. All you need is just a basic phone with sms compatible. No Iphong, robotic toy, berries or any "clever" phone is need here.

I know what are thinking, you think make friend by sms will cost you a bomb, right?

Exactly wrong!

KOLONY is totally free. All you need is just collect KOINZ by making calls (which is basically what your phone do for you everyday, duh~). Now you are talking, we user are at last benefit from our spend.

Xpax rate
(click on the photo to know more about the rate)

What are you waiting for?
Check out the rate at now! ^ ^

[this is a sponsored post]

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