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Red Tomato Pets Fun Day. Part 4: Golden and yellow puppies fusion city.

golden retriever
Golden retriever!!! My most wanted pet in my top pet list.

Hello, say hi to mummy's friends!

Though it looks a bit, I don't know, ugly? But I still likes it!!!

I also meet this very cute Jack Russell Terrier, trap by the high pond edge.
Looks totally innocent and cute.....

Labrador retriever (yellow), my 2nd most wanted pet.

Ow.... just loves it gold colour fur. Shorter coat compare to Golden Retriever, but easier to take care.

Double eyes colour's Corgi.
This dog looks pretty mature, but young Corgi are so cute that most ppl call it hot dog. having body as long as a hot dog with short short legs.


Pomeranian: Ow.... just a photographer izzit? Come, give me a sugar and I will give me my sweetest smile.

To be continue...

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