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Sensation, a Fashionista Must Have [HTC Sensation Review]

Fashion isn't just about clothes, bags and shoes, it's also the accessories, makeup, attitude, the whole package! (misleading >.<) With Sensation, one of the latest dual-core smart phone in the market, it's the top choice of the Fashionista.

Other than stay in fashion, what else do the Fashionista loves?
Shopping of course!

Android Market has the most free apps on market, more than Apple App Store. [Source:] According to The Independent, Adroid Market will have more apps than App Store by September. It's September already but I haven't heard any follow up news about the amount of apps yet. But 1 thing for sure, with more free apps amount, Android Market would be the better choice for the kiamsiap wise spender Fashionista.

What is the 2nd most do activity by a Fashionista other than shopping? To came wore so that the vain Fashionista can adore their fashionable self of course!

8MP camera and dual LED flash at the back

and VGA fixed focus camera at the front, that is more than what a fashionista needs.
Not to mention 1080p HD video recording also available for the back camera.

For the front camera:Photobucket
It will act as a all in one mirror device

My Sleeping partner aka Choco, demo-ing the mirror function of HTC Sensation.

As for a fashionista like me, came wore is the main attraction of the phone.
Came wore Ysquare style. This is the unedited version of the photo. The result is quite small but after some magic in Photoshop:

THADA: The came wore picture become more smooth and less noice, just nice to put as a display pic.

If you are not satisfy with the front camera's result, you should see this:

Result of the 8MP camera, indoor with fluorescent light. (resized) Isn't that as good as your Compact camera? For me, I would rather take picture with this 8MP camera integrated into my phone rather than bring a heavier separated compact camera because the photo quality is almost the SAME!

However, as a perfectionist Fashionista, I tried to Photoshop the photo above:

Result: Not much different from the original photo coz the output of the camera already very good, not much alteration is need.

Even if you aren't a fashionista, a food blogger like me also favor such a camera when doing food photography or event photography because it's result is superb even though under low light condition! Below are some of the sample of my photo taken with HTC Sensation.

Tutti Frutti
Tuitti Frutti Froyo, taken in Tutti Frutti shop with sufficient Fluorescent light.

Scramble egg with nuggets
Unhealthy breakfast (scrambled egg, nuggets with lots of mayonnaise and tomato sauce), taken beside a window in a dark room(limited light)

Nasi Lemak
Nasi lemak 1.0 (not the movie XD), taken at sun set with no artificial light (limited light)

Gong Cha
Gong Cha, taken in Asia Cafe SS15 at night with low light.

Gyoza noodles
Gyoza Noodles, taken in Asia Cafe SS15 at night with low light.

Zenq Sunway Pyramid branch with sufficient light.

I think I have shown more than enough evidence to you that how good is the 8MP camera build-in in HTC Sensation. I think without my compact camera, I will still survive as a food/travel/event blogger. I just love this HTC Sensation 8MP camera so much!

Well, this is the end of my HTC Sensation phone Review. Really appreciate that chance given by Digi, Nuffnang and HTC for this review. Hope I will be choosen as the best review to won myself the brand new HTC Sensation.

Footnote: Courtesy to Digi, Nuffnang and HTC,

Digi LogoPhotobucketPhotobucket
I am very please to get a HTC Sensation Demo Set to review for 2 weeks. To read more of my Review about this HTC Sensation, please visit:
7. Sensation, a Fashionista Must Have [HTC Sensation Review]

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