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How to create a magnetic lock: Phase I: Research

Been a long time not writing anything about my projects and assignment. I have done a few quite interesting project, but not yet post it here. This magnetic lock project is what I am currently working on.
Commercial Magnetic lock
Well, basically, This is how the commercial magnetic lock looks like.

From what I know, this kind of device usually takes in DC. Some device might work on Ac too but of course, the strength is lesser.

I'm gonna do one just like it, but try not to look very similar.
I am not improving the lock, but just for the sake of learning and completing assignment.

I dissect a lock. The internal core and winding looks like this:
inside of Commercial Magnetic lock
It has a E shape metal core and insulator around it. With my dad's help I manage to tore the insulator down.

Shockingly, not as what I expect, it's not a bar nor a circular ring that we usually see or not even the U shape core that theoretical so call strongest. Note that the ends of the "E" is not insulated, it is open to the surrounding, not in the core. When the the device turns on, the ends of the "E" attracts metals which we call it electromagnet.

inside of Commercial Magnetic lock
It's quite lengthy and bulky.

metal plate, 1 cm thick
On the other hand, lets look on the metal plate that attach the the door which later the electromagnet attracts. I assume the plates should be very thick else when the switch is on, the magnetic is pull by a human force, if the metal plate can't withstand the force, it will bend.
I hope I can find something similar to this in scrap metal dumping field.

A senior of mine gave me these. It's ferromagnetic core. According to him, it's the core that makes transformers.

Ferromagnetic core
Hmmm... I hope this could be useful.

I'm bring this material to find my junior's dad which is a professional in transformer. Hope he can help me to do some winding or at least give me some advice on the theory part of the project .
Wish me luck!

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