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New Moon Cake Flavour: Moldy Moon Cake

Moon cake these days are so fancy. From classical lotus paste and nuts to chocolates and fruits, not to mention Jelly moon cake is my current favorite.
Past few years there was this big ass company introduced some fancy little Sakura flavor moon cake that cost an ass. They brought the Sakura leaves and flowers fresh from Japan.
How knows, this year a "new" flavor introduced. It's the snow Japan Winter snow flakes flavor.

o^^0 Yay!!!
Unexpired moldy siz happiness mooncake

What is that?!

A closer look:

Moldy six happiness mooncake
It's a moldy Moon cake.
It is not expired yet (refer picture 1)

My parent has a nibble on the other side. When my brother pick his nibble, then only my parents realise it is moldy.

Luckily the sales person willing to exchange a new 1 for us.
P/s: the moon cake is from Six Happiness.

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