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I am single at the moment.

After more than 3 years attach to Jackie. I am single again. It really reminds me the time I was in Form 4 and form 5, where what I care most is my studies and co-curriculum.

I am kindda passive in co-cu since I came into UTeM, not really Jackie’s fault, but Jackie did influence me, again, not Jackie's fault.

Back to the topic,

You guys must have scared to ask me about this. Scared that I was only joking or scaried that I’m still hurt.

Don’t worry, I am not the one who being dumped. I am the one who asked to break up.

So, I am the one who hurt people. But come to think of it, if I am not being hurt so constantly that I can’t take it, I wun make the decision to broke up, didn’t I?

Ok, this is not the time to judge who is wrong and who is right.

What matters is that; please help me to take care Jackie. He is a good man, a good boy.

If we were not in a long distance relationship, we might have engaged or got married about this time.

Well, I can’t really explain why I wanna end this relationship. All the small small things, cumulated from time to time. It’s not that we didn’t communicate well; it’s not we argue often; it’s not even close to the situation that our love cools down. It’s just that I am the first one who surrenders. I can’t take it any more.

If there is anyone who has to blame because of this situation, it has to be me.

This was how I explained, I texted him:

I hate it when every time I said I’m fine but I’m actually not.

I hate it when every time I said ok but it actually hurts.

I hate it when you spend luxuriously and got drunk but I can’t say a word on it.

I hate to have a long distance relationship.

I even hate more when I can’t see you when I got chance.

I hate that I’m free when you are busy.

I once prefer you to concentrate more on your work rather than me, and then I was proven wrong.

I like the way you are serious in your work but not the way your ego controls.

At the end, I don’t even know what I like about you.

Sorry, it might just be my hormone problem that cause the mood swing, but at least I know, now I’m more than conscious.

Good bye my dear, when I’m back to KL again, I’ll not be the same girl again

He replied:

Aw dear.. I’m reli sorry.

Pls take care dear… I m sorry for unable to spend time wif u

Jackie, please take care too. I promise to be a different girl when I comes back to KL and I will.

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