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DiGi iPhone 4 Play

Wanting an iPhone is not a joke ok? I did do some research on that.

People want iPhone as a part of entertainment. Not for me, the apps will really help in lighten up my work. Maybe as a industrial disease, I( engineering student) tends to want everything in details, including groceries and meals. When, I am shopping, I count every prices per kg or Little of different packing size, so that I can spend the least to get the most.

When I am out with friends for meals, calculating price of each person's portion is necessity since we are not rich to treat each other. So, a calculator in my hand bag wherever I go always come in handy.

casio fx-570ES scientific calculator
My Casio fx-570Es scientific calculator

The calculator that I'm using is not just any calculator. It's a natural display calculator.
The only issue I have with my calculator is that of it's weight and thickness.
If I can have an iPhone 4, life will be easier.

pi cube lite
This pi cube Lite iPhone apps is a very strong calculation apps. It doesn't only fit's my leisure life, it can also be use as a scientific calculator for me to do my study and homework.
Well, I just love this equation:
Engineering = Maths = Calculator =Pi Cube Lite =iPhone 4 !!!

Here is a video on overview of Pi Cubed for iPhone / iPod touch (version 1.11)

I don't know whats the difference between Pi Cube and Pi Cube Lite.
I guess Pi Cube Lite is just the free version of Pi Cube which has less function just like Microsoft Visual C++ express and Microsoft Visual Studio.

Other than Calculator, I also have habits to bring my dairy (or more like a daily and monthly planner) and to do list paper wherever I go.
You see, these very light and small things will be a considerable weight and space in my handbag if it has a considerable amount.

However, that's not all,
I can't even read what I wrotePhotobucket



All the scatted writing will not emerge a notification effect, So I did another to-do list beside my table:
my todo list

my study +work+play table
So, whenever I study, work or play, the to do list stares at me = =Photobucket
Sigh... not efficient at all!!!
If I have a iPhone, things go different:
Todo Lite
Introducing Todo Lite
No more diary or to do list scatted every where!

You know, iPhone is a smart phone. It needs to have a considerable smart plan to perform as smart phone. With Digi
's iDiGi Postpaid Plans, I can have unlimited excess.

What does that means?!

Boil phone porridge!!! (褒电话粥)
i.e nonstop calls.

I can use Skype to call and message instead of using my sim card.
That can really save heaps of cash.
Skype for Iphone
With this feature, I can talk to my dear dear all day long!

karmen rider dear dear

With high rates from the public, these 3 apps would definitely turn into my favorite apps once I get an iPhone 4.

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