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Major jokes to kenakan your friends. Fantastic gifts for Christmas present.

Breadou emo keychain
When you see this cute little bun on your table, would you even think twice to gobble it down?


you are traped!

Photobucket(please spit out the portion you just ate)

Breadou emo keychain
It may look exactly like a bread (the plastic wrapper didn't look fishy either)

It smells like one

Breadou can't be eat
and taste....


it is not edible

Breadou emo keychain
Look at the small words on the platics, it says:
"looks and smells like the real thing, but it never expires!"


Breadou emo keychain
The warning says that:
You can smell and squeeze me (after you purchase me) but please do not eat me.
Keep me away from young children & pets who cannot read this warning label

how cute and sweet ^^

Well, and you know what, it is totally affordable!!!

breadou price
It only cost RM 9.80
(for more info, please visit breadou website at

Breadou smells good
Well, thats all for today, I am going to sniff my bread and dream how would my housemate react when I put this on her table on our first day class.

What are you waiting for? Didn't you just survey for Christmas gift for your friend? Have one now!
Lastly, post the video from breadou ^^

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